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Can you believe it was 86 degrees this afternoon?  Not complaining, just thought we were going to be a bit cooler for a time.

While looking for a particular stitch guide last night, my “adult-onset A.D.D.” kicked in and several hours went by as looking lovingly over many projects (some my own, others by friends and students) I found the one originally sought.  Simply couldn’t resist showing one here.   A friend stitched about twelve Beatrix Potter ornaments (following my stitch guides) for a permanent Christmas Tree for her grandson’s gift two years ago.  As each ornament was completed, we would ooh and aah and proclaim it “our favorite”.  But, the completion of another would make us decide, “oh, no, this is the best one!”  Suffice to say, we could not pick a favorite, and more than “teared up” when she completed the tree.  She did a perfectly fabulous job stitching them and even brought herself to give them to that precious boy at Christmas (don’t know that I could have parted with them, he may have been comin’ to Grandma’s house to see his little tree…). She’s a very generous lady. So, here is a picture of one of our “favorites”, Tom Kitten.

Isn’t he the cutest thing, ever?!?!?!?   Keep on stitchin’………….

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