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About Me (and a little ’bout Missy)

If there existed a “12-Step Program” for needlepoint addicts, yours truly (Laura Old) would be a charter member…….having had to resort to Excel spreadsheets just to manage the stash should have been my first clue that perhaps intervention was needed.  Needlepoint has been my passion for over 35 years, and there never seem enough hours to do all I want to do.  Though I have no formal certifications, my experience has allowed me to share this passion by teaching classes and by creating customized stitch guides for hand-painted canvases. I am a native Atlantan, adore dogs, tennis, music, travel, word games, and, of course, needlepoint. There will be many posts with pictures of needlepoint, so this seems a good place to insert a picture of my beloved little Tibetan Terrier, Missy – generally found at my feet wherever I happen to be working at the time.  Missy highly resents being left behind, and will gracefully tolerate untold hours in the car if the alternative is staying home, alone…..She’s quite vociferous on my return from outings without her – what a little Diva Dog!

Mz. Missy

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  1. Judy Watkins says:

    Just discovered your site, and I am so excited. Hopefuly this will spur me into completing some of my projects.

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