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Amanda Lawford Santa with Penguin

Some of you are undoubtedly aware that Amanda Lawford has created over the years a staggeringly beautiful collection of standing Santas (available in various sizes  15? to 30? tall).  I have two in my personal stash (in progress, still…….), and have created stitch guides for several in the series for friends, students,  or customers – whomever.  One in particular just thrills me, for a number of reasons.  The friend who stitched it (has two sons and is stitching one for each) and I share a very personal common thread concerning our children.  She is an incredible lady, and did such an awesome job on this Santa. He takes my breath away, makes me smile, and represents the Christmas Season and Spirit beautifully.  Have a look – be sure to click on the picture so you can zoom in to fully appreciate Suzanne’s stitching:


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