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Amy Bunger has a new DVD !! Doe life get any better ?

If you haven’t started your video library of Amy Bunger’s instructional DVDs,  go immediately and get them!   Each one covers different effects and techniques, and they are all wonderful.  It’s the next-best-thing to sitting with Amy at your side, coaching you through a new stitch, whatever.  As always, her calm delivery is soothing, and her great, good humor is delightful.  No matter what level you believe your stitching to be, you can and will learn something new – don’t know how many times I said, “Wow, I never heard that, before!”  The newest, Volume 6, entitled Barely There, walks you through various ways to execute “light coverage”.  Amy goes over the importance of your path in Blackwork and Darning Patterns, thread weights/plies, great stuff.  All of the six are equally fabulous, and will be great additions to your needlework library.

Here’s a picture of the front:

Amy’s “Barely There” – Go Get It !!!

Amy's "Barely There" -  Go Get It !!!

Have fun, keep on stitching – I’m off to work on a stocking…………more later – NPQ


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