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Update on (scant) Progress on my Needlepoint Class Project

Seems like there simply are not enough hours in the day to get everything done any more.  This Pink Lady is a canvas I just adore, yet have not been able to spend nearly as much time on as I’d like.  Be that as it may,  here’s what we have, so far.  Her decolletage got stitched twice – started out with Splendor S1098, which is normally a pretty good flesh tone. It seemed a bit flat for her, so, out it came.  Instead, I used some of my precious stash of Cascade House Lame Silk (no longer available, so when it’s gone, it’s gone!), #3040.  Because the over-dye is a bit pronounced, I used a combination of Skip Tent and just jumping around to stitch it in to avoid any striping.  Using the Lame Silk gives her a nice shimmery look (Glitter Body Gel, anyone?).  Satin Stitched her pink cheeks,  and added a perfect, pouty pink mouth.  Since no self-respecting Southern Belle would leave the house without her pearls, on went a tiny necklace created with Mill Hill Beads.  Completed the bodice, belt, part of her lacy black glove, and the wrist corsage.  I’ve said it before, and will say it again – boy, is that Gloriana Silk Ribbon yummy!  Barely got a start on the floral paper her bundle of roses is wrapped in, but will press on with that.  Can’t wait to get started on the bouquet, but would like to complete the dress, first.  She just knocks me out, and is fun to stitch.  Here’s progress to date:

Been surfing around needlepoint blogs, and can’t believe how many truly wonderful, creative ones are out there – will share some of my favorites, and will be adding to the Blog Roll so you can hop over to them, too.  Have a great weekend, and keep on stitching!  NPQ

Needlepoint Cyber-Buddies

The internet fascinates me, endlessly.  Being a Baby Boomer,  using the computer is definitely an example of an old dog learning new tricks.  Years ago when we lived in North Carolina, the school my son attended offered a computer introductory class for parents.  The fourth grade students (my son, now 32 years old, was one of those students)  taught the class.   The teacher who set up the program told us that the difference in adults and children when faced with a computer and manual is that the adults will spend hours poring over the manual, while the children just start hitting keys to see what happens!  He suggested we let our inner child out to play………

Been playing ever since, still love it, and especially love connecting with other lovers of needlepoint.  The ability to “visit” via the internet so many beautiful and creative web sites, blogs,  and people is priceless.  Have to admit to being guilty of surfing more than may be advisable, but,  it’s just such fun!  Have just serendipitously met Jan, who creates her own needlepoint designs and has a great blog,  Thread Medley– check it out.  Jan researches tiles, rugs, etc., and then adapts those patterns to needlepoint canvas. She also does a fantastic job of organizing her supplies.   At my class in Memphis at Amy’s Golden Strand, the New York Stitching Sisters were also in attendance –  more wonderful new friends to commune with via cyberspace. Their blog is great, too – so, do a bit of surfing between stitch sessions – keep on stitching!  NPQ

Do You Need a Good Clothing Stitch? Try the Needlepoint Stitch of the Week

Try Diagonal Scotch with Cross Stitch Variation.  Just to clarify the name of the stitch, all Scotch Stitches are diagonal; it is referred to as Diagonal Scotch when the group of individual Scotch Stitches moves in a diagonal flow.  I used this stitch on my Scheherazade (Melissa Shirley Wild Women series) canvas for the red jacket – it really lends itself to the use of a very subtly over-dyed thread (In The Reds by Silk ‘n Colors on that particular piece).  You get just a hint of color change as the stitches progress, and a bit more when the slant is changed (the red jacket was stitched with the bodice in one slant, the sleeves in the opposite slant – changing the stitch direction makes the delineation between areas more apparent).  On that piece, the small Cross Stitches were added with Kreinik #8 braid (since you can’t be too rich, too thin, or have too much glitz on your needlepoint…..).  This stitch is very versatile as it offers ease in changing size, direction, thread, covers the canvas quickly, etc.  It looks great using two different colors of thread, or, one color in two types of thread, alternating  from row to row. Think of it for tree tops, carpet, billowing clouds – you’ll find lots of places to use it.

Here in the Deep South, we are fighting prickly heat and heat stroke – don’t remember when it’s been so hot for so, so long!  Best solution (to my way of thinking) is to stay inside and stitch – so, you keep on stitching, ’cause I sure will!  NPQ

Needlepoint Stitch of the Week

The Slanted Victorian Step stitch produces a strong, directional flow on your needlepoint canvas,  and works beautifully for hills and mountains, clothing (especially on a reclining figure), and,  lends itself well to the use of overdyed threads such as Gloriana Silk, Silk ‘n Colors,  Waterlilies, and Poppies, just to name a few.  In teaching a canvas embellishment class for members of our local ANG group, I suggested this stitch  for the distant mountains in Sharon G’s gorgeous Tuscan Spring canvas – blending thread colors, alternating with Double Cross, it was just divine!   Here it is, diagrammed slanting both ways:

Don’t forget to consider perspective when you have a canvas such as the Tuscan Spring.  Working the areas farthest from front first will allow you to better control the “weight” of each area.  Another trick to make an area seem to recede is to “gray” down the thread, rather than simply darkening the hue.  Try adding a gray thread,  or a shade of your main color with gray already in it to alter perspective – you’ll be amazed what a difference it makes – and keep on stitching!  NPQ

Progress on my Amy Bunger Class Project

Well, finally, a bit of time to work on my project from the recent class at Amy’s in Memphis.  Honestly, don’t cha just hate when life gets in the way of your needlepoint fun?  Anyway,  have accomplished enough to deserve some stitching time, and couldn’t resist that hat – it’s been calling to me.  So,  on this perfect-for-stitching-day (it’s been cloudy, rainy, and stormy all day, so Missy is happily ensconced on her little bed at my feet, in no mood to do anything but sleep, leaving me with the freedom to stitch away).

The threads for this canvas are pure eye candy – especially the Gloriana Overdyed Silk Ribbons for the flowers.  If the ribbons alone aren’t enough to delight you, check the color names – Peach Blossom, Rose Flame, Narcissus, and more.  Then there are the stranded silks, velvet – you know the drill.  Suffice to say,  just pawing through all of it is fun!  The hat uses Rainbow Galleries Neon Rays rayon ribbon and a Kreinik #8 metallic.

As is typical of my class projects,  the first stages suffer more “reverse” stitching (i.e., ripping out) than anything else.  After any number of attempts, I have resigned myself to the knowledge that no matter how carefully the Rainbow Galleries Neon Rays is stitched, there is unavoidable damage when adding the Kreinik #8 braid.  Alas, perfection continues to elude me……..

Having said that, the overall look of the black hat thrills me – it’s oooh sooooooo very Coco Chanel.  Note the single silk ribbon flower on top – since the flowers are the most fun of everything in the piece, I am trying desperately to save them as rewards for completion of other aspects…………but, there was no way to resist stitching at least one.  Will post other pix as the work goes along……….keep on stitching!  NPQ

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