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Amanda Lawford Santa with Penguin

Some of you are undoubtedly aware that Amanda Lawford has created over the years a staggeringly beautiful collection of standing Santas (available in various sizes  15? to 30? tall).  I have two in my personal stash (in progress, still…….), and have created stitch guides for several in the series for friends, students,  or customers – whomever.  One in […]


If you ever want to stitch a metal surface….

This is a great stitch to use if you should have something in your  handpainted canvas that is metal – especially hammered metal.  I used it on Scheherazade, one of Melissa Shirley’s Wild Women series. Amy Bunger wrote a stitch guide for the piece, including the Stained Glass Stitch used on the purple gown, the […]


A nostalgic look back…..

Can you believe it was 86 degrees this afternoon?  Not complaining, just thought we were going to be a bit cooler for a time. While looking for a particular stitch guide last night, my “adult-onset A.D.D.” kicked in and several hours went by as looking lovingly over many projects (some my own, others by friends and […]


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