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Has Fall really come to the South

Went out for the paper this morning and was met by the most delightful nip in the air!  Here in the South, we are so accustomed to heat and humidity, the first crisp days of Fall are truly to be treasured.  Guess I’ll be taking all my needlepoint gear out onto the patio so as not to miss a moment of it.  Imagine – outdoors in fabulous light, cup of coffee at hand, all my stitching gear around me, what could be better?

This is my first post, and my fervent hope is that this blog will be a spot for people who love needlepoint, sharing their ideas, expertise, new “finds”, and the simple joy in a medium that allows us all to be artists.

Now, for the big decision of the day: what project will it be: St. Basil’s Cathedral (from a great Carol Lake class)?   Doggie Day Care (Maggie & Co. canvas, with a stitch guide Tony Minieri prepared just for me!)? Provencal Picture Frame (just basketweave, no thinking required….)?  Hmmmmm, will have to think about it while gathering that gear. Keep on stitching – NPQ

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