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The internet fascinates me, endlessly.  Being a Baby Boomer,  using the computer is definitely an example of an old dog learning new tricks.  Years ago when we lived in North Carolina, the school my son attended offered a computer introductory class for parents.  The fourth grade students (my son, now 32 years old, was one of those students)  taught the class.   The teacher who set up the program told us that the difference in adults and children when faced with a computer and manual is that the adults will spend hours poring over the manual, while the children just start hitting keys to see what happens!  He suggested we let our inner child out to play………

Been playing ever since, still love it, and especially love connecting with other lovers of needlepoint.  The ability to “visit” via the internet so many beautiful and creative web sites, blogs,  and people is priceless.  Have to admit to being guilty of surfing more than may be advisable, but,  it’s just such fun!  Have just serendipitously met Jan, who creates her own needlepoint designs and has a great blog,  Thread Medley– check it out.  Jan researches tiles, rugs, etc., and then adapts those patterns to needlepoint canvas. She also does a fantastic job of organizing her supplies.   At my class in Memphis at Amy’s Golden Strand, the New York Stitching Sisters were also in attendance –  more wonderful new friends to commune with via cyberspace. Their blog is great, too – so, do a bit of surfing between stitch sessions – keep on stitching!  NPQ

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2 Responses to “Needlepoint Cyber-Buddies”

  1. Judy Harper says:

    I love what you said about kids vs. adults learning the computer. I had the same experience when teaching needlepoint – children were much easier, as nobody had told them it might be difficult – they just watched for a minute, then grabbed a needle and thread and started stitching and creating. Adults say “eeeew that looks hard I can’t do it.”

  2. NPQ says:

    Amazing, isn’t it? I share your experiences teaching needlepoint, and am always stunned at the lack of confidence demonstrated in classes. The good news is, with some gentle urging, sincere praise, and humor, pretty soon the newbies are off and running! Thanks for your visit and your comment – Laura

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