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Walkin’ in Memphis

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Whooee, headed for Memphis for three lovely days at Amy’s Golden Strand, taking camvas embellishment class with Amy. Cannot wait to get there, it’s always so much fun, and it’s been a couple of years since I was able to get away to treat myself.  Amy’s classes are always filled with lots of learning, laughter, eating (duh!), stitching, and shopping.  Sounds like heaven to me – throw in side trips to Corky’s Barbeque,  Graceland,  The Memphis Zoo (they have Giant Pandas!), and Beale Street (not to mention evenings with a little something cold to drink by the hotel pool) – pluperfect!  If you have never been to one of these “Cook Up A Canvas with Amy” classes, go now to register for one – they fill up fast, because many of the same people sign up for the next year’s class while there. This gives the feeling (and added benefit) of “camp”, in that you reconnect with friends you might otherwise not have made. The camaraderie is terrific, Amy and her staff see to it that you have a fabulous time.  A picture of my project for the class is below – there will be postings of my progress on it after my return.  This is a darling piece by Shelly Tribbey, Lady in Pink.  Amy will surely  come up with fab flowers, dress fabric, straw hat, etc.   More later – keep on stitching!  NPQ

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My Project

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Needlepoint Stitch of the Week

I’ve decided to add a recurring post, “Stitch of the Week”,  and will have a diagram together with use and thread suggestions.  The first entry in this category is the Brocade Stitch, a versatile combination stitch handy to have in your repertoire – it can be used for winter coats, furniture, even garden paths can easily be created with it.  Your choice of threads will dramatically affect the appearance.  Using heavier weight threads will ramp up the bumpy texture, reducing size or plies will even it out.  Use a doodle canvas to experiment with various combinations of threads, colors, etc.  Let your imagination go, you may be surprised at the results!  Keep on stitching – NPQ

Brocade Stitch

Too funny not to share….

Are you aware of the “family” of sites that includes I Has A Hotdog, Failbook, etc.?  These folks have cornered the market on funny, adorable, offbeat, and just plain “head-shaking in stunned disbelief” humor.  There are a couple of their sites that are daily visits for me, and when this entry popped up, it threw me in the floor laughing – it’s funny on so many levels. This one falls into the “head-shaking” category…… Of course, it’s a little disconcerting to think of the IQs involved….. so, here it is:

Are you rolling on the floor, yet?

Keep on stitching – NPQ

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