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Amanda Lawford Santa with Penguin

Some of you are undoubtedly aware that Amanda Lawford has created over the years a staggeringly beautiful collection of standing Santas (available in various sizes  15? to 30? tall).  I have two in my personal stash (in progress, still…….), and have created stitch guides for several in the series for friends, students,  or customers – whomever.  One in particular just thrills me, for a number of reasons.  The friend who stitched it (has two sons and is stitching one for each) and I share a very personal common thread concerning our children.  She is an incredible lady, and did such an awesome job on this Santa. He takes my breath away, makes me smile, and represents the Christmas Season and Spirit beautifully.  Have a look – be sure to click on the picture so you can zoom in to fully appreciate Suzanne’s stitching:


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If you ever want to stitch a metal surface….

This is a great stitch to use if you should have something in your  handpainted canvas that is metal – especially hammered metal.  I used it on Scheherazade, one of Melissa Shirley’s Wild Women series. Amy Bunger wrote a stitch guide for the piece, including the Stained Glass Stitch used on the purple gown, the stitch (I changed the thread and trim) for the red jacket, and the adorable veil.  She  very generously gave me permission to use those elements in a new guide that I designed in order to teach the piece to an ANG Guild group in Charleston, SC.  It remains one of my favorite projects – it was great fun to design, stitch, and then teach it.  Below are a picture of my finished pillow (finishing by Marlene – my only instructions to her were that it should be ‘fat, gaudy, and fabulous’ , and she delivered – and the Stitch Diagram with instructions.  Keep it in mind, and keep on stitching!  NPQ


Laid Filling

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Amy Bunger Outdoes Herself!

In an earlier post, I mentioned Amy’s  series of instructional DVDs – a picture may be worth a thousand words, but, a moving picture tutorial is the living end.  As if having Amy on hand isn’t enough, add that adorable Kelly Clark and whooee – what fun!  One of the things I love best about needlepoint is that there are so many things that look extremely difficult, but are, in fact, easy to do (at least easy once someone shows you how).  Amy and Kelly take needle weaving to new heights here for you, removing all the stumbling blocks.  Here are a quick visual treat and pix of the two latest in the series – check ’em out, and keep on stitching! NPQ

Amy's DVD #7

Amy's DVD #8

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