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Yikes !!! Thanksgiving is upon us!

Okay, another year has just blitzed by at warp speed, and in a scant two weeks’ time, Turkey Day will roll in.  The bad news is, I’m gonna have to do all that cooking and cleaning up and silver polishing and stuff; the good news is that there is so much to be thankful for. My own list  includes those things I cherish dearly: sharing love with my family and friends,  being truly thankful for my son’s continued great health (as well as enjoying my own), the freedom to pursue my heart’s desires (which would include stitching on those countless needlepoint projects) – being blessed is a Godsend, and I am so grateful for it all.  ”Nuff with the maudlin carryings-on, here’s a little something to make ya smile.  Keep on stitching, smiling, sharing – and, Happy Thanksgiving!

Dreaming of a Happy Thanksgiving


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Who Knows Where the Time Goes…

Exactly how three quarters of the year have zoomed by so quickly is a mystery to me. It sorta reminds me of the analogy of the toilet paper roll that spins faster and faster as it nears the end…………….I refuse to “go gentle into that good night” while there is still so much to see, do, enjoy, and experience.

It’s been said we cannot die when there are needlepoint projects yet to be finished (which should enable my stay here to last another 70 years or so).  Last week on the patio, my project of choice was a small picture frame that allowed me to concentrate on the beauty of the day, zoning out with basketweave and absorbing all around me without thought.  Last night, however, my Tony Minieri “Journey” piece called to me. One of Tony’s pieces is to needlepoint what Mozart is to music – beauty, precision and fulfillment in arriving just where you knew you’d be going.  If you have never worked on one of Tony’s exquisite designs, do yourself a favor and give it a shot (better yet, take his class) – there are so many to choose from.  His Stars for the New Millennium is a fabulous piece – stitch all twelve squares in one piece, or, pick a few and make ornaments from them!   Here’s a link (and picture below it) to Tony’s “home base” to order the project for yourself:

Stars for a New Millennium by Tony Minieri

Don’t let a day go by without feeding your heart and soul by stitching – it’s good for your health, too!

Tips for Assembling a Tool Bag

Everybody has their own ideas about the tools they want to have on hand – it’s one thing when we’re at home and have access to our “nest”, fully outfitted and arranged.  But, how about taking it on the road? I stitch with a group once a month (rotating around members’ houses), also attend classes whenever my schedule permits, and adore stitching on the road if there is a willing driver……so I have developed a bag of goodies that go with me no-matter-what.

Obviously, one must have an assortment of needles – at a minimum, my bag will have Tapestry and Chenilles in sizes 20, 22, 24, and 26. Milliner’s needles are handy to have on hand (you might want to make a perfect bullion knot, so much easier with a Milliner’s needle).  Don’t forget to throw in a few threaders and magnet pairs, too.  Scissors, of course – exquisite embroidery scissors, scissors for cutting metallic threads, an all-purpose pair in case you need to cut paper, cardboard, whatever.  My bag has an assortment of laying tools– my personal favorite is a shaped, wooden tool about 7 inches long, but it’s important also to have a Tekobari (not to be confused with the BLT) and perhaps one other like the Trolley Needle.  There are a number of lovely hair and shawl “pins” that make good laying tools, too.  A 6? ruler is handy, along with an assortment of colored pencils and a good mechanical pencil.  Spare rust-proof tacks and a tool to remove them; an Alan wrench to adjust/assemble a Lowery Stand; T-Tool to adjust Evertite Stretcher Bars; Bugz-Eye Magnifier; and Pink Hair Tape (think Sally’s Beauty Supply, this handy tape will hold things out of the way without leaving sticky residue – just don’t leave it there indefinitely……..) are all useful.  One incredibly handy tool is a telescoping magnet wand– especially for dropped needles in the car or on an airplane!  Add a bit of paper or card stock (for notes or masking stitch diagrams for purposes of determining compensation), and I’m ready to go.

Not necessary, but oh-so-wonderful to have are adornments for your scissors and threaders.  My faves are by Lee Cox, an amazing artist (and stitcher, by the way) who creates dichroic glass beads, then combines them with silver beads and Swarovski crystal beads into the most beautiful tassels. Her bracelets and necklaces are spectacular, too.  Will put a link in next post so you can see her beautiful work.

Set up your tool bag, and you’ll be ready to go, too!

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