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A nostalgic look back…..

Can you believe it was 86 degrees this afternoon?  Not complaining, just thought we were going to be a bit cooler for a time.

While looking for a particular stitch guide last night, my “adult-onset A.D.D.” kicked in and several hours went by as looking lovingly over many projects (some my own, others by friends and students) I found the one originally sought.  Simply couldn’t resist showing one here.   A friend stitched about twelve Beatrix Potter ornaments (following my stitch guides) for a permanent Christmas Tree for her grandson’s gift two years ago.  As each ornament was completed, we would ooh and aah and proclaim it “our favorite”.  But, the completion of another would make us decide, “oh, no, this is the best one!”  Suffice to say, we could not pick a favorite, and more than “teared up” when she completed the tree.  She did a perfectly fabulous job stitching them and even brought herself to give them to that precious boy at Christmas (don’t know that I could have parted with them, he may have been comin’ to Grandma’s house to see his little tree…). She’s a very generous lady. So, here is a picture of one of our “favorites”, Tom Kitten.

Isn’t he the cutest thing, ever?!?!?!?   Keep on stitchin’………….

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Amy Bunger has a new DVD !! Doe life get any better ?

If you haven’t started your video library of Amy Bunger’s instructional DVDs,  go immediately and get them!   Each one covers different effects and techniques, and they are all wonderful.  It’s the next-best-thing to sitting with Amy at your side, coaching you through a new stitch, whatever.  As always, her calm delivery is soothing, and her great, good humor is delightful.  No matter what level you believe your stitching to be, you can and will learn something new – don’t know how many times I said, “Wow, I never heard that, before!”  The newest, Volume 6, entitled Barely There, walks you through various ways to execute “light coverage”.  Amy goes over the importance of your path in Blackwork and Darning Patterns, thread weights/plies, great stuff.  All of the six are equally fabulous, and will be great additions to your needlework library.

Here’s a picture of the front:

Amy’s “Barely There” – Go Get It !!!

Amy's "Barely There" -  Go Get It !!!

Have fun, keep on stitching – I’m off to work on a stocking…………more later – NPQ


SuZy Murphy has a new Book !

Been waiting a long time for Miss Suzy to come up with another great book, and she’s done it. Her brand new  “Suzy’s Mini Stitches” is a treasure trove of ways to fill those smaller areas on your canvas. I know Amy Bunger has them already, so go get yours right away!  For those of you who’ve never taken class with SuZy, ask your local shops to look into having her come in – she’s way too much fun, a beautiful stitcher and designer.  I was lucky to meet her years ago in Detroit at the first ANG Seminar I ever attended. SuZy and her sister, Kitty Mueller, along with Amy Bunger, made the trip memorable for me. What a blast!

I did decorate my Christmas tree, can’t believe the Holidays came and went, as has most of January!  Been traveling, working, visiting family, stitching, and even knitting a little.   Winter blahs made me decide to put up a Spring Village picture – probably pushing the season, but,  hey!  A little day dreaming can be a good thing……….

Gotta quit talking and get back to stitching – don’t forget to make stitching part of your every day, too!

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