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My Christmas Tree is Up (not decorated, y’unnerstand…) !!!

And so it begins – the annual visitation of the ornaments.  Many friends (and some family) tease me relentlessly because as each ornament is unwrapped before hanging, the story of how it came to be in our collection must be recalled.  Some were gifts from loved ones, some were carefully made by the children long ago.  Some are treasured hand-me-downs, things that hung on our parents’ trees.  It runs the gamut from funny little plastic things from the lean years to exquisite hand-blown glass balls.  Not to be forgotten are all the needlepoint ornaments – what fun to remember where we were while stitching each one with love.  So, it takes quite a while for me to go through all of them, taking time to relive, remember, and rejoice in each little vignette. It will take several more days to get them all unwrapped and on the tree, but a great deal of fun will be had in the interim.

The picture below is a finished piece stitched by yet another friend.  It is the Candy Town Village designed by Deborah Wilson of Beau Geste, now Bella Donna.  It is a magnificent piece, probably still available fully kitted with stitch guide included.  Follow the link to their site to check on availability.  It was a great fun piece to work, too.

My next post will have some suggestions for gifts for your stitching friends,  and maybe a few random goodies, too.  Keep on stitching!


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Happy Thanksgiving, ya’ll!!

Another Turkey Day has arrived, have been cooking for days!  Sometimes it seems that the ratio of hours in  prep to eating/enjoyment are disproportionate, but it’s still worth it – comforting to do the same things over again, remembering other days, and all our many blessings to be thankful for.  My holiday has been grand, hope your has, too.  Gear up – Holiday Season is here! Remember to take time to stitch……



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Has Fall really come to the South

Went out for the paper this morning and was met by the most delightful nip in the air!  Here in the South, we are so accustomed to heat and humidity, the first crisp days of Fall are truly to be treasured.  Guess I’ll be taking all my needlepoint gear out onto the patio so as not to miss a moment of it.  Imagine – outdoors in fabulous light, cup of coffee at hand, all my stitching gear around me, what could be better?

This is my first post, and my fervent hope is that this blog will be a spot for people who love needlepoint, sharing their ideas, expertise, new “finds”, and the simple joy in a medium that allows us all to be artists.

Now, for the big decision of the day: what project will it be: St. Basil’s Cathedral (from a great Carol Lake class)?   Doggie Day Care (Maggie & Co. canvas, with a stitch guide Tony Minieri prepared just for me!)? Provencal Picture Frame (just basketweave, no thinking required….)?  Hmmmmm, will have to think about it while gathering that gear. Keep on stitching – NPQ

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