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Progress on my Amy Bunger Class Project

Well, finally, a bit of time to work on my project from the recent class at Amy’s in Memphis.  Honestly, don’t cha just hate when life gets in the way of your needlepoint fun?  Anyway,  have accomplished enough to deserve some stitching time, and couldn’t resist that hat – it’s been calling to me.  So,  on this perfect-for-stitching-day (it’s been cloudy, rainy, and stormy all day, so Missy is happily ensconced on her little bed at my feet, in no mood to do anything but sleep, leaving me with the freedom to stitch away).

The threads for this canvas are pure eye candy – especially the Gloriana Overdyed Silk Ribbons for the flowers.  If the ribbons alone aren’t enough to delight you, check the color names – Peach Blossom, Rose Flame, Narcissus, and more.  Then there are the stranded silks, velvet – you know the drill.  Suffice to say,  just pawing through all of it is fun!  The hat uses Rainbow Galleries Neon Rays rayon ribbon and a Kreinik #8 metallic.

As is typical of my class projects,  the first stages suffer more “reverse” stitching (i.e., ripping out) than anything else.  After any number of attempts, I have resigned myself to the knowledge that no matter how carefully the Rainbow Galleries Neon Rays is stitched, there is unavoidable damage when adding the Kreinik #8 braid.  Alas, perfection continues to elude me……..

Having said that, the overall look of the black hat thrills me – it’s oooh sooooooo very Coco Chanel.  Note the single silk ribbon flower on top – since the flowers are the most fun of everything in the piece, I am trying desperately to save them as rewards for completion of other aspects…………but, there was no way to resist stitching at least one.  Will post other pix as the work goes along……….keep on stitching!  NPQ

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