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Needlepoint Stitch of the Week

Wow, my trip to Amy’s was so fun, it completely threw me off track – sorry ’bout the lack of posts, but here goes a stitch for ya – this one is a variation of the Parisian Stitch, completed in two steps, and is another very versatile, non-directional stitch that affords one a number of options to alter the look with color and thread selection.  If using one color, try Ribbon Floss for Step 1 together with Vineyard Silk for Step 2. That creates a great texture, gives you some nice “light play” off the threads, is easy to execute, and pretty fast – not bad, huh?  Step 1 is numbered to remind us that the direction of each individual stitch should be opposite to the direction the stitches are flowing (diagonal rows, here) on the canvas (i.e., when moving from top to bottom of canvas, work the thread from bottom to top of the stitch).  If you need a hardcore basis for that, we’ll have to ask Tony Minieri (taught me this) because the exact  reason escapes my memory……suffice to say, it has to do with the path of the thread on the back of your canvas lining up what comes next on the front.  Anyway, you may want to experiment with different sorts of threads, as well as the use of more than one color thread, depending upon the effect you wish to achieve.  Here’s the diagram:

You could use this as a background (be sure to use light-weight threads for a background so that it doesn’t “upstage” your subject), for clothing, wallpaper,  sky (how about using one of the fabulous Gloriana Silk, Silk ‘n Colors or Threadworx overdyes with a solid shade found in that overdye),  – again, possibilities are unlimited.  Have fun with it, and keep on stitching!  NPQ

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