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Needlepoint Stitch of the Week

This week, have a look at Alternating Mosaic.  This stitch is great for small areas, has a fairly quilted appearance, and is non-directional.   It is lovely stitched in stranded silk because you get such good light play.  Rainbow Galleries Petite Very Velvet looks grand, too. In the diagrams below, the upper has arrows indicating the path in which to stitch the diagonal rows, and two colors are used to more clearly show the individual Mosaic three stitch squares.  The lower diagram shows all stitches in one color.  Now, for variations:   You could lay a foundation thread where each of the directional arrows are shown in the upper diagram, to be stitched over with your Mosaic Stitches.  You could stitch all the Mosaics in one color, or, you could use two colors as shown in the diagram (which would produce a checked pattern), or even two different threads.  You could also add a bead or French Knot where the arrows intersect.

Your choice of threads will make (as always) a huge difference in the appearance.  I used this stitch for a red coat on a bunny, hovering over a Christmas Tree adding garland…………used three plies of Medium Red Splendor trimmed with fur made from piles of French Knots in white Arctic Rays – it was just yummy!

Next week we’ll add Alternating Scotch – a perfect companion to this stitch (just increases the number of stitches in the “square”).  It is helpful to have stitches that look approximately the same but are sized differently.  You can use them together in something like draperies or pleated bed skirts, etc. – the Mosaic (smaller) stitches seem to recede.  Try some variations on your doodle canvas – bet you’ll find lots of places to use this stitch.  Keep on stitching!  NPQ

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