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Storage Solutions for your Needlepoint Stash

There are  (surely) needlepointers out there who work each project from start to finish before starting another – can’t say I’ve ever met one, but it stands to reason that such people exist.  Most of us have a number of projects, ranging from two or three to “never-mind-you-wouldn’t-believe-it”.  My own approach is to have several underway simultaneously so that there will be a choice appropriate to my mood of the moment….. and, I subscribe to the theory that when you see a canvas you love, you better buy it – the artist may wake  up tomorrow no longer interested in creating these wonders for us and fly off to Tahiti or some other exotic place (not a bad idea, see picture below).

Looks like heaven to me!

Having now been around my elbow, so to speak, on to the subject for today: how shall we store all those fabulous threads, canvases, books, stitch guides, tools, etc. in such a way as to have them readily available, yet organized and out of the way?

You may have noticed that there are links both at top and bottom of my page to the Original Scrapbox .  It purports to be a storage solution for scrapbooking; however, it seems to me that you could adapt it for almost any craft or artistic pursuit. It has an amazing number of spaces in myriad shapes and sizes – including some clear plastic bags that could be grabbed and used as “go bags” for projects.  It’s not an inexpensive piece of furniture, but it does come in a number of sizes and finishes, and would be fairly unobtrusive when closed.  Have a look for yourself – it might be just what you’re looking for.  My plan is to ask Santa to throw one in the sleigh for me……………..

How do you sort your thread stash – by color? by thread type?  some other way?  Would love to hear suggestions for sorting and storing – please add them to comments to share, and keep on stitching!  NPQ

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