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Needlepoint Stitch of the Week

Wow, my trip to Amy’s was so fun, it completely threw me off track – sorry ’bout the lack of posts, but here goes a stitch for ya – this one is a variation of the Parisian Stitch, completed in two steps, and is another very versatile, non-directional stitch that affords one a number of […]


Who Knows Where the Time Goes…

Exactly how three quarters of the year have zoomed by so quickly is a mystery to me. It sorta reminds me of the analogy of the toilet paper roll that spins faster and faster as it nears the end…………….I refuse to “go gentle into that good night” while there is still so much to see, […]


Has Fall really come to the South

Went out for the paper this morning and was met by the most delightful nip in the air!  Here in the South, we are so accustomed to heat and humidity, the first crisp days of Fall are truly to be treasured.  Guess I’ll be taking all my needlepoint gear out onto the patio so as […]


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