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Update on (scant) Progress on my Needlepoint Class Project

Seems like there simply are not enough hours in the day to get everything done any more.  This Pink Lady is a canvas I just adore, yet have not been able to spend nearly as much time on as I’d like.  Be that as it may,  here’s what we have, so far.  Her decolletage got stitched twice – started out with Splendor S1098, which is normally a pretty good flesh tone. It seemed a bit flat for her, so, out it came.  Instead, I used some of my precious stash of Cascade House Lame Silk (no longer available, so when it’s gone, it’s gone!), #3040.  Because the over-dye is a bit pronounced, I used a combination of Skip Tent and just jumping around to stitch it in to avoid any striping.  Using the Lame Silk gives her a nice shimmery look (Glitter Body Gel, anyone?).  Satin Stitched her pink cheeks,  and added a perfect, pouty pink mouth.  Since no self-respecting Southern Belle would leave the house without her pearls, on went a tiny necklace created with Mill Hill Beads.  Completed the bodice, belt, part of her lacy black glove, and the wrist corsage.  I’ve said it before, and will say it again – boy, is that Gloriana Silk Ribbon yummy!  Barely got a start on the floral paper her bundle of roses is wrapped in, but will press on with that.  Can’t wait to get started on the bouquet, but would like to complete the dress, first.  She just knocks me out, and is fun to stitch.  Here’s progress to date:

Been surfing around needlepoint blogs, and can’t believe how many truly wonderful, creative ones are out there – will share some of my favorites, and will be adding to the Blog Roll so you can hop over to them, too.  Have a great weekend, and keep on stitching!  NPQ

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  1. Judy Harper says:

    I have found that DMC floss #950 is a great color for skin – and has just the right balance between sheen and matte. There are several shades in this range.

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